HELP! I don't know what I all need

Hello all. I’m somewhat competent and knowledgeable with electrical work, but the whole programming and whatnot I am a caveman to. I was hoping someone could direct me towards what I need to get set up. I currently have a new chest freezer, seedling heat mat, pc fan to circulate air, and an inkbird temp controller all running well. I was looking into upgrading to the Brewpi/Raspberry pi setup. I don’t really want to tear into my freezer incase I need to use it solely as a freezer, so I’l be going the option 1 route in the fridge hacking guide. What all do I need to complete my chamber? My freezer is 1.70A, and the start up is 12A.

I plan on purchasing the Raspberry Pi 3 model B, a power supply for it, and a case for it. The Brewpi Spark, a power source for it, 2 SSRs but I’m not sure which ones, heatsinks for the SSRs, and 2 temp probes (One for the fermenter, and 1 for inside the chamber)? I also just purchased a 60W tubular heater from the UK due to reading many good things about them on this site. I’m planning on getting this SD card: and a normal usb to micro usb cable. What type of cases or boxes do I need to put the SSRs in? Do I need an SSR for my fan?

Or would I be better off going the route of the PowerSwitch Tail II? If I go that route, would that get rid of the need for the SSRs?
Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m sorry I’m asking so many questions, but I want to get everything I need ordered right away and not have to make multiple orders everywhere.

For a standard fridge hack you’ll need:

  • BrewPi Spark
  • 2 SSRs (heating and cooling), 10A. The 10A SSR can handle the higher inrush current. Heatsinks are usually not needed for such a low load but won’t do any harm.
  • DC SSRs for anything running on DC voltage, like fans, heating pads or DC pumps
  • Temperature sensors
    • Fridge sensor (very short 10cm sensors arrive this week. Good in combination with the RJ12 wall mount couplers)
    • Beers sensor (wall mount version) or thermowell + normal version
    • Optional: room temp sensor, 10cm version will also work well for this.
  • Raspberry Pi 3 + power supply + SD card + case
  • USB cable

You can opt for a powerswitch tail instead of the AC SSRs