Help me understand... I am fairly new and confused [SOLVED]

I am not new to brewing beer, but I am new to automation using the BrewPi.

I am fairly competent at technical matters but the hardware I need is confusing me at the moment.

First my needs are relatively simple, and all have to do with controlling and monitoring fermentation temperatures:

  1. Temperature control via solid state relays.
  2. Real time temperature monitoring.
  3. Temperature (data) logging
  4. Ability to monitor temperature data via the internet.

I see this image here from, but that looks slightly different than what is available for purchase in the store:

That being said, what exactly do I need in terms of hardware?
How are the items in the photo different than what I need to get started?

I understand there’s more to it than just hardware, but it is the start :blush:

Thanks for you help… I look forward to the communication…


This Should explain most of it.
and this

The pictures are showing the older Arduino model, where the team have now moved to the new the spark platform to monitor the sensors and control the SSR’s.

The Pi still remains in place to provide you with the GUI to monitor and control the Spark.

I am very new to this as well, but I am just about to do a write up of my recent fridge build and setup which is now all working due to the help of Elco and everyone on here.

But to try and help you, I have brought the following parts from the Store and this allows me to run a single beer fermentation carboy in my hacked fridge:

I am using one sensor for the beer temp (using a thermowell I found here on ebay - ), one sensor for the fridge temp, and the last one for the room temp.

I don’t have the wireless adaptor for the Pi as I have Ethernet wired to the garage anyway so use the built in ethernet port.

I will be posting my fridge build later on, which will show how I have hacked the fridge to be controlled by the SSR’s and how I have mounted the heaters etc.

Hope that helps !


Looking forward to see your write up :slight_smile: :beers:



Thank you. Much has been clarified for me in the last 24 hours.

To summarize, the older Adruino shield has been replaced by the Spark. The photo displayed on contains the older Adruino shield which is no longer being sold.

Very cool then! I’ll be placing an order for the following:

  • 1x BrewPi Spark
  • 3x OneWire Temp Sensor

Is there any additional benefit to ordering the Rasberry Pi from the BrewPi store rather than sourcing it locally here in the US?


Elco was running a sale on RPi, I think he still is.

I am very much looking forward to your write up Mark. I am about to embark on my n00b fridge hacking odyssey and have decided to go with BrewPi and Spark. I am a complete amateur at this and am anticipating the fun!

Just need to place an order for the BrewPi Spark and temp sensors. I was able to source a Rasberry Pi 2 locally, and get it up and running. RPi2 is ready and waiting.

The fridge is ready to be modified.

I’ll provide updates as things progress…

I got the Pi2 up and running and WiFi enabled in the garage, Now able to SSH remotely from house. Got a few SSR’s on the way. Will place the BrewPi Spark order soon.