Help with fridge conversion

So I just started reviewing my 2nd hand fridge for conversion to a brewpi fermenter, hit my first issue.
On a stantard type small fridge is moving the condenser out possible?

then secondly, I believe the built in thermostat comes from inside and connects at the back like this

can that be disconnected or should I just cut it inside?
Then lastly (for now?) anyone seen this before

I unscrewed the two screws there and tried to pull it out as it suggested, but it just wouldn’t budge!

I think the last one I have worked out while reviewing the picture on my bigger laptop screen, there is a catch inside, so will try that tomorrow

OK, so turns out that the thermostat and that bit at the back weren’t connected, just pulled it out and nothing exploded (yet)

Will hopefully work again on the set up tonight :slight_smile:

Glad you didn’t cut the tube into or out of the copper bulb. That’s a filter/dryer. You would have gotten sprayed with refrigerant and rendered that fridge worthless. Take care not to bend or kink any of those lines, especially the small one. That’s the capillary tube. It is very easy to bend if youre not carefull.

haha, good job indeed!
Finally got to cleaning the fridge out this weekend, removed mould from the seals, doesn’t look like I can easily replace them so bleach will have to do for now.
I managed to get that blue cap off the power, what I found was very neat

So now to get some electrical connectors and I think it should be a very easy set up :slight_smile: