Herms Brew test of my System

Ok guys, this is gonna heat things up here :sunglasses:

I had my HERMS built (moreless) ready for a while, so @Elco helped me to go and do a test brew.
I used a developement version of the firmware, with a somewhat “adapted” (read: hacked) web frontend so that I could drive my electric valves, pumps and stuff, as well as use the PID to control the mash temperatures.

ALright, I am now sitting at the computer and looking at the system, with the wort boiling and a mess around it. It works, sort of. I have to sort out which PID values are good, as I had some swinging and the temperature was not kept stable - even if, for this test sake, it was +/-1°C - and I had quite some glitches in my built (one pump was not strong enough, but luckily I had a replacement here, and the inlet of the Mash tun needs improvement). So, why am I writing this here? As far as I can see it, it won’t be long that a release with real Mash (and valve control) ability will come :smile:

There seem to be some bugs around, but hey, I am really happy! :smile:



Nice ! Waiting for a release like that… Have a setup where the mashcontrol will simplify alot…

Got a mashtun with rims tube waiting to test it…

Just hang there a bit more. I did the mash with the current web interface, and had to adjust the PID settings from there. It is working with the dev versions I had, plus - for convenience - I also added a web page for controlling valves (if you have any). This was quite amusing, as I programmed it so that you can set all your valves at once to a defined state (like, “Mashing” or “cleaning” or whatever. Having 12 valves move at once is cool :laughing:

awesome! I’m almost done with my build and also features automated valves… can you share that page?

@korneel, I put it on the dev pages of GitHub (brewpi-www) so you can use it from there. But beware, it needs the updated firmware to work.

This looks lovely. I am new on the scene, slowly putting chunks on my herms system, and the electric control panel style system just didn’t seem modern enough.