HERMS Mash Inlet

Right now my Mash Tun has this inlet (https://store.brewpi.com/mashing/kettle-inlets-outlets/weldless-kettle-inlet-kit-barbed-bsp-241) with a silicon hose. The problem I having is that during mash re-circulation (I have a HERMS) the grain bed doesn’t get uniform due to wort coming in pushing a side the grains away from the hose. Any ideias to improve this method?

I’ve got one of the SS Brewtech recirc manifolds. They’re brilliant though can clog if any big bits of grain get through your false bottom. I tend to use a hose and stir every so often for the bulk of the mash, then switch the the manifold for the last 10mins & sparging.

I use this solution in my own brewery:

These are stainless floats, which are normally used on float switches. This is just a very big one.
I imported a few extra and can add them to our store if you want.

It works in keeping the hose near the surface and circulates the wort on top.

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Could you tell what length and diameter is this stainless float? What hose OD are you using? Does it have enough buoyancy to stay on the top surface of wort?