HERMS with automated valves

Hi I’m building a HERMS with automated valves system and need some hardware advice. I started ordering materials in January. Unfortunately, there is a lack of some parts that have been back-listed. my plan was to have a Spark 3 and your old control board for valves. I have already bought valves. I wonder if I will be able to have the valves I have already bought. or are there completely new solutions for Spark 4. In that case, will you also sell valves, or how do I find out which valves I need to buy? /Christer

Spark 4 and its first gpio expansion board will be able to drive multiple valves at 12V or 24V directly.
It’s flexible enough to be compatible with any valve.

You will have 8 pins that are each a half h-bridge, so push/pull, pull-down or pull-up.
You can use up to 4 of these expansion modules, so you can connect 16 bidirectional motors or 32 unidirectional.

Thank you, will the expansion board become available at the same time as Spark4?

Yes. We split the compute module and the IO expansion boards. Extension boards are stacked on top of the compute module, and the default package for the Spark 4 consists of a compute module + attached expansion board.

Short version: if you order the Spark 4, it comes with out of the box support for valves.

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