How can i connect or setup the spark over WiFi to the BrewPi

Hello, i’m testing to connect the Spark over WiFi to the BrewPi, but i can only connect them over USB-Cable. i have a realy good WiFi in my House and i think it should be possible to have the BrewPi in my office and just the Spark in the Brew corner. In the near future i would have the BrewPi in the Cloud as a Virtual Box and just connected over VPN/WiFi to my Brew corner, would that be working or is it just to use with cable connect?
If yes, how can i configure the Spark to get his own IP-Adress and route to the BrewPi?

Thank you for your help

As far as I know WiFi on the Spark/Photon platform is not supported at this time. I know a lot of people has asked for this but other bits of code got the attention first (mashing control).


ok, thank you for the answer, i was reading this as i ordered the spark, but it was missing in the setup, that’s why i asked. i’ll wait for that feature :wink:

Has there been any updates to the WiFi connection between the BrewPi (Spark) and the RaspPi (server)?

We have it working in a new version of the software that uses a different communication than the current version. So WiFi functionality will come with the big major update and not as a small update in the current version.

Hi Elco - any chance of an update on when we can expect WiFi please?


My best guess now is somewhere Q2 2017.