How can I setup brewpi with new wifi router?

I have a brewpi that I made a couple years ago and haven’t used in a while. What is the easiest way to talk to the brewpi to change the wifi connection without an HDMI monitor?

I would plug in a hard wired network cable, then use the app Fing (for Android or iOS) to figure out the IP address of the raspberry pi.

Then when you know the wired IP address, you can log in with putty to change the WiFi settings. When it’s back on WiFi you can unplug the network cable.

I DO have an HDMI monitor, and I’d like to just change the interfaces file with sudo nano, but I can’t figure out how to navigate to the /etc path from the $ prompt on pirate@black-pearl in ~.

It is very disappointing that there is no guides and videos at a noob level to get this running and keep it running. It always comes back to searching through forum posts and guessing my way to what I need, which sometimes takes days when it should take minutes. Far too much knowledge is required or assumed for people like me who just want to plug something in and have it control my fermentation. For the price, this product is in dire need of easier setup and use.

If it’s any constellation googling random bits, things assuming knowledge, and spending days on something that should probably take minuets is every day life for a software developer and your experience probably has less to do with being a noob than you expect :wink:

But yeh. I’d personally like to see a debian package so installation, updates & checking of dependencies is far less manual and more standard. But I’d personally like to see the re-write get out of the door first. It may be a pain at times but there are docs for getting BrewPi installed. Multi-process & proper mash control is not currently available and myself and, judging by the forums, many others bought their BrewPi in the knowledge that should be coming soon. That said, I’m aware circumstances haven’t been the best this year for @Elco.

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I just need to change my network file. I did everything above, I just don’t know how to navigate to it from here. Can you help?


Nevermind. figured it out. Kinda. Still can’t log into the pi OS since I have forgotten the login info.