How do I get BEER back in my fermenter?

Hi Guys - On my ferment dashboard, I managed to change from the carboy graphic to the conical fermenter graphic in the “Ferment Process” window. Finding the symbol library was the difficult part. Unfortunately, I cannot figure out how to get beer (the yellow /orange shading) back in the fermenter graphic and it’s driving me nuts… Also, I am unable to reposition the “Ferment Beer Setting” within the conical or enlarge the “Ferment Beer Setting” font.

Can I get “beer” (graphic shading) back in my fermenter?
Can the Ferment Beer Setting widget values be moved around in the fermenter or be enlarged?

Thanks for your help. Of all the versions of BrewPi/Spark I have dealt with (3?), this one seems the most user friendly. Not perfect but a lot better than the previous versions.

Flatfender Brewing
Houston, TX

Color fills for Conical parts are still on the todo list. You can imitate the effect by placing a 3x4 Kettle on top of the conical, and giving that a fill color.

To achieve a custom position for the setpoint display in the conical, unset the setpoint link in the conical, and add a separate Display: setpoint part. This can be scaled and repositioned at will.

Thanks Bob! I’ll try adding the separate Display. Think I get it!