How far is BrewPI Spark from beeing "rims-able"?

I will soon start ordering the parts for my new brew rig, which will be a single vessel electric RIMS setup, heated by two 2.4KW kettle elements. After that, the build will probably take a few months.

I need to control the two heating elements to A. Heat the strike water, B. maintain steady mash temperature and C. adjust power output for a proper rolling boil. And I want to do this from the touch screen, not from a web interface.

So should I do my build around a standard PID with a pair of SSR’s, or should I go for the BrewPI Spark?

I like the flexibility of the BrewPI, I like the logging capabilities, and being a programmer by trade, I like the open source nature of the platform.

The big question is; will the software be ready to meet my needs within reasonable time, that is within 3-6 months from now.

I guess there is no fortune tellers on this board, but a best guess would do just fine :smile:

How far is the new software from being able to meet my needs?

Cheers …

I’m hoping this is the next up. My sole reason for getting the brewpi spark is to control my brew system. Will be three vessel rims setup. Have most all the parts, just need to get the control side figured out.

Using BrewPi for mashing is not a big leap.
The control loop is almost the same as with fermentation.

PID determines the difference between HLT target and Mash target, same as fridge target and beer target. The only thing that needs to be added is PWM support basically.

That will be my first priority after the basic UI is done.