How many things will this Spark drive?

Another new guy question/advice - I’m getting used to this new setup and I’m liking how it’s doing. I have the odd reboot I have to do to synch all the services up, but overall pretty stable and usable. I find myself 2 brews in and getting more comfortable with it as a fermenter only. So now my kegerator seems to have a glitch in it’s compressor and I may need to rebuild it soon, so I’m wondering will a single spark/RPi drive both my fermenter and a new kegerator or should I duplicate things with another spark/RPI?

A single Spark is easily able to drive both. There’s room for 4-6 setups on the controller, depending on the configuration.
If you choose to add a Spark, you can connect it to the same Pi. The system is explicitly build to control multiple devices using the same UI.

That’s what I figured but just wanted to make sure. Thanks!