How to add SSR to Spark to control room fan


Im new to the spark but got the fridge up and running with heating and cooling and it works great. I have run it for a couple of weeks now and the beer temp is set to 18 and the brewpi is controlling it well from 17.8 to 18.2 fantastic.

But i would like to extend it since my brewing room is very small and it gets really hot, about 26-30C while brewing so i have put in a ventilation fan and i would like to control that with the room temp sensor and a new SSR.

Lets say the room temp is getting over 23C then the spark would turn on the fan until temp is under 20C. I guess You get my drift :smile:

Is there anyone who have done something similar ?
Maybe someone could help me get started since i guess i need to do it manually?

I have the latest 4.0 FW.