How to adjust heater settings?

I am trying to sort out how to set up my heater (heater 1) so that it is only on for 60 seconds at a time. Currently, the heater will stay on way past the set temperature (which is too long for my heater) and the heater will eventually trip due to being on for an extended period of time. I already have it set with PWM of 60 so that it will stay on for at least 60 seconds. However, what setting will make the heater stay on for a maximum set time? Is that the Heater 1 integral time constant (Ti)? I have this set to 300, but have noticed the brewpi will be in “heating” mode for hours at a time, even after the heater itself has tripped and needs a reset (expected as the brewpi is trying to heat and it’s not heating…)
Any help is greatly appreciated!