How to configure a heat belt only setup?


I have a simple setup, no fridge, only a heatbelt on my mashing tun.
The cooling are relying on the temperature in the room, so no settings for this.
I am using BrewPi Spark and a RaspPi 3, fresh install.

I first belivede it would be a simple setup for this, one SSR controlling the heat belt, one temperature sensor for the mashing tun and one for the room just to see what the temperature is.

Device 0 - Temp sensor, Chamber 1, assigned to Chamber device, function Room Temp
Device 1 - Temp sensor, Chamber 1, assigned to Beer 1, function Beer Temp
Device 2 - PWM Actuator, chamber 1, assigned to Beer 1, function Chamber Heater

I have tried different settings for the PWM, assigning it to Chamber 1 and so on, but I’m unable to get this to work properly.

Wanted function:
If the temperature of the beer is to low - start the heat belt.
If the temperature is to high, darn, nothing to do with that…

My problem is that with the different settings of the pwm, it’s seems to be either constantly on, or constantly off.

What is the correct way to configure and assigning this?

I think you mean fermenter?

To work with only the heat belt, set beer-to-fridge Kp, Ti and Td to zero.
Then the fridge setpoint will be the same as the beer setpoint and therefore the heat belt will be driven by the beer temperature.

You can adjust Kp, Td and Ti for heater 1 to adjust how much the heater should heat. Kp = 5 means 5% on for a 1 degree temperature difference.

Thank you!

Yes, i ment fermenter of course.
Should the heater device be assigned to the beer or the chamber?

It should be assigned to chamber.