How to connect a 5v relè on the outputs of Spark

I need to control the pump (12v) with a output of Spark.
I have a typical 5v Arduino relè module like a picture (with 3 connection: + - and in).
What are the proper connections to the outputs of Spark?
It needs an additional 5V power supply?

Thank you

I had to get 5V +/- from the Raspberry Pi to get it to work, if that’s an option try that. Otherwise there should be a way of getting the power supply from the Spark.

Based on this image, I’d say that you would connect the digital output to Ground and Signal and connect a 5V power supply to 5V and ground.
Then connect the pump to common and the pin above it. Or the other pin. One is normally closed, the other is normally open.

Ok… but with a external 5v power supply? It’s not possible take this power from Spark?
And the Signal input need Ground or 5v from the digital output of Spark?

In your case, I think it is best to take GND and 5V from the RJ12 port.

The green connectors have + and -. Only connect the + if you already take GND from the RJ12 port.