How to get .HEX file from

I am having some issues trying to get the HEX file from the website. I am new to these types of files and after looking in the old Forms and setup guide I cant figure out how to download the HEX file needed so I can upload it to my Arduino. Is there commands I need to use or something else? From some reason I am so lost on how to get it. Please help

What I do is right click and save linked file as (or windows equivalent) and then save to the desktop it usually saves a a txt file I think I just rename the .txt to .hex and that seems to work fine

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Yep, right mouse --> save link as… on the hex file link should give you a dialog on Windows to save as hex file.

Man! I feel so un-smart right now lol. Thank you both for the help. I scratched my head all last night trying to figure it out how to pull the HEX file off the web. I am going to work on it now and finish my setup. Just waiting on a few parts to have my BrewPi complete.

Okay, update on the the HEX file. I got it! I should have slowed down on the reading and paid a little bit more to the install instructions. I did what both of you said, it work. But I also went back and read the install portion again and seen were I messed up. lol Thank you. :smile: