How to get the DIY Shield to work with 0.2.10

Dear all,

First of all, I am a century late I am aware but I have a Leonardo, RPi B & a DIY shield in my hand.

I am not even a newbie but just a guy trying to get my fermentation a little bit more technological. I am doing OK with my fridge, a single temp sensor and a regular temp controller but I would really like to add the BrewPi algorithm to my fermentation. I had this idea since donkey’s years but had no time to actually get my hands on even though I have already bought the necessary equipment.

Well now I am having difficulty to get my stuff working. I managed to install 0.2.10 to RPi but it did not give me any options to pick Leonardo w/ DIY shield. Also I could not find any HEX file for my Leonardo w/ DIY shield. I tried RevA shield option and loaded HEX file for RevA shield but that didn’t work.:cold_sweat:

It seems the pins are not the same. The web interface assigned default pin numbers for some controls but these do not match with my DIY shield wiring.

I reached Elco but obviously the support has ended for my setup and he could not help me. He said I have to build the code with my pin numbers etc. but (no offence) these make no sense to me. Rebuilding??? :ghost:

So, is there anybody amongst you who would like to furnish me with a HEX for my DIY shield and put me to the right direction to re-install 0.2.10 with DIY shield option (if there is such thing at all)?

Thank you in advance.

… and could you please keep the language at the “I have no idea what you’re talking about” level so I can actually understand what you say :sweat_smile:

My shield PCB was done using the Eagle files on below post, so, no modifications have done by myself.

Dear all,

After getting no response from the so called “community” and a politely written “I do not give a sh*t about the ones who used my DIY instructions to make a brewpi thingie for free even though I started all these insidiously as a collective & collaborative project. Now, I am making shed loads of money and I like it that way. No support, go figure it out yourself.” reply to my email I spend some time and got a working BrewPi v0.2.4 for my Leonardo with DIY shield.

I had absolutely no idea how to use NotePad++, Atmel Studio etc. I didn’t even heard of any of these before but managed to pull this off. :muscle: I mean come on man, what is this? It is just a fecking small software which basically switches two outputs ON & OFF not windows or anything :grin: What kind of a support you’re afraid of or is it the money you like :wink: yeah that’s it… gives you wings doesn’t it.

Enough blow off. :smirk_cat:

I did not test the LCD screen and the rotary encoder as I am still waiting for the LCD to be posted but will carry on once received… Probably… :roll_eyes: It is not essential though :smirk: (This LCD & rotary enconder part is a bit complicated for me to be honest)

I was going to share my RPi image but it is more than 7GB so I am sharing the two folders you need to copy to your RPi. Also I am sharing the .hex file for Leonardo+DIY shield below for the ones who are interested. I installed the BrewPi to Raspian version Wheezy as BrewPi 0.2.4 was intended to run with.

What you need to do is actually follow the exact steps for MANUAL installation but instead of using Git you just need to copy the folders I shared to the locations.

NO: sudo -u brewpi git clone /home/brewpi
YES: sudo -u brewpi cp -a /home/pi/brewpi /home/brewpi

(I assumed you unzipped and copied the into /home/pi folder)

NO: sudo -u www-data git clone /var/www
YES: sudo -u www-data cp -a /home/pi/www /var/www

(I assumed you unzipped and copied the into /home/pi folder)

Just ignore everything which says anything about downloading or updating etc.

Obvious note: The .hex is for a Leonardo + DIY Shield ONLY.

And yes, version 0.2.4! I already had that and could not be bothered to download 0.2.10 and see if more stuff was deliberately deleted from the code to make DIY shield useless.

So long suckers…

Sorry you were having trouble getting this to work, but I really disagree with this statement:

First of all, I’m not making shitloads of money. I’m still working for a small salary that is half of what I would earn in another job and at the same time I’m taking the risk to invest a lot of money into software development that will take a long time to earn back. I’m not in this for the money. I would have quit a long time ago if I was.

I have also helped out many users that didn’t buy anything from me and made a DIY build based on the RevC version.

But the situation is:

  • We have many customers waiting for an overdue software release.
  • I am already working 70 hours a week to get that done asap.
  • We discontinued the Arduino version 3 years ago because it was not a maintainable way forward in how much time it took to support and how much room for future development it offered.

Now you come along and you have built something I made and published 6 years ago. A lot of things have changed since then and I do not have an out of the box working version anymore for that. And you get mad when I don’t make time in my busy schedule to tailor software that has been discontinued to your hardware.
I don’t even have Atmel Studio on my computer anymore.

It’s not super simple software. It takes a build process to make and is not just a simple click. It will take some time for me too. And even then, you’ll be running a version that’s old and has bugs we fixed in later versions.

But you expect me to spend a lot of time to help you out because you want to do things the hard way.
Yes I put that on the Internet 6 years ago, and I support it for a long time. Even long since I stopped selling the Arduino version. I still regularly answer questions of users that DIY an Arduino version.

But when you ask me for something that will take up too much of my time, because you’re doing things in a way that has not been done for a long time, I am absolutely entitled to say: sorry I don’t have time for that now.
And not jumping through your hoops makes me an asshole apparently.

We never deleted stuff for that reason. Many users made a DIY version of our later shields. But maintaining versions takes time, it’s not free.
In fact, the new platform that we have been working on for 3 years will come as a free upgrade to all our existing users (excluding Arduino because that’s technically impossible). If you say I don’t care about users or open source, you couldn’t be more wrong.

End of my rant.


In dutch, there is a saying: “it’s better to catch flies with syrup than with vinegar”. Do you really think that you get any help when you insult Elco in the way you did?

Elco cs are doing there utmost to get the new software done and you are weening about a product that has been abandoned for years! Shame on you. That Elco even takes time to write you an answer on the shit you threw over him.

You better invest in the great products Elco is creating.

Stop this non-contributing nonsense!


We to have a same saying in the UK, I cannot believe that people expect Elco to support something that was developed 3-6 years ago.

Stop whingeing and upgrade to the latest dev.

I assume your not using a Nokia 3310 any more or writing to them that they don’t support it anymore are you.


What on earth is this post trying to achieve?

Also, to anyone else looking at this thread, I wouldn’t download random files from the internet and run random sudo commands against them. It’s one thing to trust an open source project with a whole community around it. This is one ranty guy on the internet who admits they don’t know a whole lot about what he’s talking about telling you to download some zips. Just my opinion :stuck_out_tongue:

So long to you too, ranty guy.
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