How to increase the hysteresis?

Hi. Just got my BrewPi up and running.
When im not fermenting i use the fridge to store and keep cool bootles of finished beer. Noticed that if i use the “beer constant” setting to i.e. 8 degree C it keeps it so perfect that the fridge and heating runs all the time (in fact its ±0,2 degree) Cant wait to ferment with that thing, its insane accurate :slight_smile:

How can i make it less perfect when not fermenting? When i use STC-1000 the temp change 3-5 degree and thats just fine when cooling bottles just to let the old compressor get some rest. Usualy it runs for around 20 min every 8-9 hours when told by a STC what to do.

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If it is alternating a lot between heating and cooling, you should change your settings. That’s not normal behavior. D you have the BrewPi Spark? Can you share a chart?

If you’re using it as a fridge, you can better use fridge constant mode.

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I will try fridgemode

The graph doesn’t tell me much with the fridge setting disabled. But switching to fridge mode is a good idea.

Didnt help that much :slight_smile: Is there any way to change settings for fridge only mode so i dont need to change it back and forth when im using it for fermenting?

What is the problem with that graph? It is now only cooling, not heating and cooling.

Do you have a BewPi Spark or a DIY Arduino?

Nono, nothing wrong with it. I just tought when i used it in fridge mode it would start and stop less and let the temp vary more. Tought the go’old fridge maybe wanted longer breaks between work :slight_smile:

I use DIY arduino btw. Looking forward to use it as a fermentor on my next brew :wink:

On the Spark, you can configure exactly how often the fridge will power up and what the minimum ON time is. On the Arduino version, most of that is hard coded. If I remember correctly, you can set an idle range.