How to power Raspberry Pi 3 from BrewPi Spark V2

I hacked a fridge into a fermentation chamber using the BrewPi Spark V2. Works great so far. Now I would like to clean-up my setup and put the Raspberry Pi 3 and BrewPi Spark board into a nice case.

As I am using the 12V to power the BrewPi Spark, can I grab 5V somewhere on the Brew Pi Spark board to power my Raspberry Pi?

The switching voltage regulator on the BrewPi Spark does not provide enough current for the Raspberry Pi. You will have to power it separately.

The other way around: a good power supply for the Pi and power the Spark over USB works fine. 12V on the Spark is only used for ball valves at the moment, so it is not really needed.

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Thanks for quick reply, I’ll power it through USB (5V) then