I must be missing something

when I run /home/brewpi/tools/fixPermissions.sh. I get no such file or directories

Same thing When I run updater

What’s going on here?

sudo /home/brewpi/utils/fixPermissions.sh

Thanks Elco but when I type that in I get:
no such file or directory

I would try to clone the files again from git:

git clone https://github.com/BrewPi/brewpi-tools.git ~/brewpi-tools

So I can just reload everything is that what your saying?

I got the message fatal: destination path ~/brewpi-tools already exists and is not an empty directory

Sorry I didn’t test what I typed and made a mistake. I have corrected my original answer.
When typing in a path in putty, please use tab to autocomplete it. It really reduces the chance of error.

Where did you find the original command so I can correct it?

I’m sorry but I don’t know I’ve been to soooooooo many pages trying to figure out this blasted thing