I need reprogram Arduino every time I turn it off

People, after recomiple my own version of Arduino AVR (I use Brewpi to control mash), every time I just unplug it I new to reprogram it. Anybody knows how to solve it?

Ah, I am using Arduino plugged on a Laptop with Debian. When I program it, it works well, so, when I just disconnect usb cable (without umount or any other command), Arduino needs be reprogrammed. When I halt system and power on again, Arduino does not need be reprogrammed.



The settings are not stored. This could be because an EEPROM version mismatch. We require a reset when the version does not match, to prevent overwriting old settings.

Try resetting your controller with:

sudo echo -ne 'E\n' > /dev/ttyACM0

(this is assuming it is on ttyACM0)

@Elco, Does not work. Probably, the problem is the hard disconnection without stop usb source power to Arduino. How I said, when I turn off computer and turn on again, it does not occur.

Do you know how to stop usb whos supply Arduino by terminal?


Fabiano da Mata

And when you press the reset button on the Arduino?

@Elco, there is no problem. Still working well!