I/O Error(2) updating profile: No such file or directory

After creating a profile and hitting “apply”, I’m getting the following error:

I/O Error(2) updating profile: No such file or directory

I changed the properties on all the files in /home/brewpi/settings by doing “sudo chmod 777 *” just in case it was a permission thing but that didn’t seem to work.

Also, I’m unable to start a new brew (up in the top section of the page). No matter what I try to change it to, it continues to say “Test Brew”. I am able to stop and start the logging though?

This is all very confusing?
Any ideas?

  1. Make sure this directory exists: /var/www/data/profiles
  2. run 'sudo /home/brewpi/utils/fixPermissions.sh`

Unfortunately, that didn’t work. I checked to see if /var/www/data/profiles existed, and it did.
I also ran fixPermissions.sh and it gave me 2 print statements saying it fixed permissions on /home/brewpi & /var/www.

When I look in /var/www/data/profiles, I see the .csv files, so it is creating them.
Another strange thing is that every time I create a new profile, it crashes my brewpi.py script.
Then I’m not able to restart the script until I go to /home/brewpi/settings and rename tempProfile.csv.old back to tempProfile.csv.

P.S. Something I just noticed is that I seem to have a duplicate directories of everything. For example, I have /var/www/data, but I also have /var/www/html/data. I’m guessing this in not good. Could it be that the original setup was done in /var/www and then updater.py put all new files in /var/www/html (or the other way around)?

Did you move the files yourself at any point?

Since Debian jessie, the default web directory changed from /var/www/ to /var/www/html/.

You can either:

  • Install the brewpi web interface in /var/www and in /etc/apache2/apache.conf set the documentroot to /var/www
  • Install the brewpi web interface in /var/www/html and make sure that /home/brewpi/settings/config.cfg has ‘wwwPath = /var/www/html/’

If you pick option one, you just have to delete the html directory from /var/www/ and change the apache config.

Holy Balls, I think it’s working!

I checked /etc/apache2/apache.conf and it said this:
Directory /var/www/
Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
AllowOverride None
Require all granted
…so I left everything alone.

Then I went to /var/www and deleted the html directory. (sudo rm -r html)

Still didn’t work.
Then I went to /home/brewpi/settings and renamed tempProfile.csv.old back to tempProfile.csv

Then I checked /home/brewpi/utils/fixPermissions.sh and I saw this:

…change that to webPath="/var/www" and ran it again.

Now all seems to work!

Thanks for the help, running a test with a jug of water just to see if I can get some action on my graph and firing of my fridge.