I think I have frazzled my Pi!

I have been busy setting up a new fermentation chamber after a successful test run using my serving keezer.
Anyhow in the confusion I accidentally powered my Raspberry Pi using the wrong power supply, hitting it with 12v instead of 5v. Not suprisingly it has stopped working. It is fried beyond all hope or is there a fuse I can replace?
It’s not a big deal to order a new Pi but I was thinking that as I run Linux Mint on my main computer can I just set up the brewpi software on my main machine and connect to the photon via ethernet or a homeplug via the house wiring?

Naturally I am pretty pissed off at being so stupid in the first place but if it is easy enough to set it up on my main machine I will do that till I can replace the Pi.

Any help appreciated…


Edit:- Just gave it another try and after a rest of about 2 hours…it lives :smiley: phew!