I think my spark is hosed...?

I’ve been trying to reset my spark to do a clean install on my Pi/spark & it will not let go of my settings no matter how many times I try and do a factory reset on it. Is it dead or is it me? I unplugged it from everything, flashed it like 5 times and hard-reset it but it still persists in keeping all it’s old settings. Any advice what to try next?

Flashing indeed will not remove its blocks and settings.

You can remove those from the service page. For more info, see https://brewblox.netlify.com/user/removing_things.html#remove-a-block-widget

We’ll look into making resetting the spark firmware + data more intuitive.

Ahhhh…sneaky! :smiley: Ok, I’ll try that, thanks.

Ok, it turns out I really didn’t need to flash it at all so it’s not really hardware, but to keep things moving, I will post here where this should probably be in the troubleshooting section. Nonetheless, after a clean install, I run the fridge wizard setup (which seems to have improved by the way since the last time I ran it, thank you for that) but I get an out of space error. Any ideas how to fix are appreciated. I can reinstall, but I’ve done that like 50 times now because of my own silliness in chasing white rabbits, so I’d rather not…thanks!

This is a DF output as well from my Pi

The error indicates your controller is still full of blocks. You can delete those by going to the service page actions, and picking clear blocks (or something like that).

If your service page isn’t showing a lot of blocks before removal / removing blocks doesn’t fix the wizard problem, please run brewblox-ctl log

It was - remove blocks - that worked, thanks!