I’ve been away and

I’ve been away from brewing for about a year…in that time I’ve forgotten how to login to my Pi using SSH…I did upgrade to the Docker install method but can’t remember the default login or password from the initial Docker install…I seem to remember pirate figured somewhere in all this…all my notes are in storage…(we are in temporary accommodation) and from the little documentation that’s around the login and password seem to have changed with subsequent upgrades.

Anyone able to point me in the right direction? A screen print might help the little grey cells…

If you are running hypriot docker, it’s pirate:hypriot.

If you reinstall, it is recommended to use the normal raspbian/raspbian lite instead of hypriot.
It will be easier to manage and to configure WiFi for example.

Instructions for that are on wiki.brewpi.com

Thanks Elco, that helpful…Do I just

ssh pirate@


Yes, password is hypriot if you didn’t change it. But docker is wel supported on the official raspbian image so there is no need to run hypriot anymore.

I’m reluctant to change anything as it worked fine last time I used it…and I’m dashing down to Southampton to brew for one day only using my kit then back home to Norfolk. If I don’t change anything there is less to go wrong!

@elco or anyone…I’ve got the Hypriot Docker version of RPI connected to my Mac with an ethernet cable…I need to edit a file to enable it to connect to the network…How do I connect to the RPI from a terminal session on my Mac if I don’t know the IP address?