I'm not brewing beer.... However

I’m not brewing beer but would like to use this system for another project where I need to control temperature and track temperature over time of 5 different fluids, some of these will be at boiling point the rest will be at room temperature.

One of these fluids I will need to track over a two week period and control the temperature using a brew belt connected to a wireless mains control plug.

I want to have all this data recorded in a graph to analyse at realtime wherever I am.

So my question is, do I need a brewpi? and what else do I need to make this work?

I know very basic programming but I’m quick at learning so happy to pick this up.

Also is it possible to output this data to an Ipad? I have an old Ipad and would like to use this as a control system so happy to crack this if need be.

Any advice is appreciated.

At the moment the Spark is only able to control one chamber (or in your case fluid). With the next software update it should be possible to control multiple so called PID’s. But as far as I know there is no timeline or date published for this update (it’s a big one).

The “BrewPi” basically consist of the Spark and a Raspberry Pi. The Spark does the regulation, the Raspberry the control, data-logging and the webinterface. Since there is a webinterface running on the Raspberry you may use an iPad as long as it is connected to the same wlan as the Raspberry.