Inaccurate filtered error after upgrade

I just updated everything to the newest version in the middle of a tail end of a fermentation.

After the upgrade everything came back online and was seemingly normal, but I noticed that my maximum offset constraint was being activated. Thinking that strange, I checked the beer PID, and found the reason being that the filtered error is 7 degrees C, while the actual error has been below 0.1 degree C for several days now.

Is this a bug or am I missing something?

It went back to normal after a few minutes, but not before throwing the heat duty cycle to 100%.

Is this related to updating/flashing firmware? Or is it just some sort of fluke?

We had a bug a while back where gaps in filter history would cause calculated PID values to massively spike. This may be related, but @Elco is the primary dev for firmware.

One thing I just noticed during this most recent upgrade is that the actuators (at least the cooling actuators, which I can hear) turn on while the pi is rebooting. I don’t think this is causing the problem though as a) the filtered error is incorrect for the beer PID–and there’s no way 10 seconds of cooling is changing the beer PID in a material way, and b) I didn’t even see the chamber temp change that much.

I didn’t replicate the filtered error issue this time as the PID was disabled which I didn’t think meant that the PID inputs wouldn’t be calculated.