Increasing Brewpi Arduino shield longevity

I’ve not been in the forums for a while, I have been very, Very happy with my revA and RevC shield builds for fermentation control. Reading some of the posts about lack of HERMS support and some of the disquiet about the new spark progress. It occurred to me there must be a suitably large part of the community who are happy with their Arduino builds with their older shields and LCD screens and who would probably stick with their invested hardware rather than upgrading to the new touch screen Particle version.
After receiving an email from Farnell I chanced upon the following board.

I haven’t looked at it in any detail apart from the fact it has UNO rev 3 shield compatible I/O connectors and uses the same family CPU as the particle. It may be completely unsuitable but if it is suitable …
Is it possible to add support for this board to increase the longevity of the original shields ? and give some of the community a lower cost alternative, with a bit more code wiggle room?