Initial Mash Experiences pre software compatibility

Been doing lots of experiments to see whether I can brew beer with Brewpi basically immediately, and without using the PWM release that has a bug or two (I don’t have good software trouble shooting skills). Bear in mind, I’m just looking at recirculating BIAB.

Using fridge constant, I can hold at temp +/- 1.3 degree C. I’m happy enough just with that to be honest. Better than what I was achieving with gas.

With the 3 minute minimum heating time, there isn’t much I can do to improve this. Beer constant would work well if there was a 1 minute time or less obviously… actually fridge constant probably would too? Is it possible to hack/change this?

The main thing; is there a quick/easy hack to allow a device to be switched on permanently? i.e. set device to ‘chamber fan’, and have it always on so I can use my pump? Ive already changed the power cord to a Neutrik connector, so can’t use it in the wall anymore!

Feel free to post your own experiences.

Well… just brewed a no-boil berliner weisee. Put 40L into 2 fermenters… piece of cake.

Brewpi can definitely brew beer.

Dude, what material is your kettle lid made off that you need that crane to lift it?

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I figure one of these must be true

  1. the lid is made of enriched Unobtanium, with the heaviest atomic weight in the known universe
  2. the crane is for lifting the brew-in-a-bag and suspending it a while to let the wort drain out

I’m picking option #1 but only @cke11y can tell us for sure.

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Well… Seems we have some comedians :grinning:

I sent my friend this picture and he came back with the exact same response!

It is indeed for lifting grain bags. Bags are far from an issue in this little 46L pot (although the crane is nice for draining). When I brew for 76L of product in my big pot… THEN things get REALLY interesting lifting bags!

In seriousness… having a place to hang the lid when stirring the mash worked really well!

I use Ikea hooks for that.

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