Invisible MUTEX


After doing reinstalling Duster, connected to my spark again. It looks like it read some settings like an offset I had put in before on a sensor, however none of the relations looked intact and no titles were stored.
Also, there seems to be an elusive Mutex that is shown in the relations page but not listed among the blocks. Check the screenies.

Block names are stored on the Pi, so you get default names if you reinstall the Pi and then connect to a Spark.

The weird Mutex relation is caused by Mash Actuator still having a link in its constraints, but there’s no object with that ID. Remove the constraint, and the spooky mutex will go away.

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Thanks. It actually showed as not limited, but when I clicked on it, I saw 3 limitations.

“not limited” means no constraints are blocking the setting.

Value 10 is not limited by max value 20.

I see, it means ‘not limited at the moment’.

Yes we should rephrase that.