Ipad pro layout

When i open brewblox on my ipad pro 12”. The blox are not alligned and i cannot acces the left part of the screen. Is there something i can do to solve this?

Could you please make a screenshot?

Looks like all is alligned on 1/2 blox.

To add, also when i click and select to move a blox the blox jumps to the left so it is not possible to shift anything to the right part of the screen

Does behavior change if you open and close the sidebar?

No tried that also behaviour is the same. I have made a screen recording but cant upload zip files of 8mb.

Put it in dropbox / google drive / whatever, and share an url?
I’ll have a look at whether I can reproduce the problem. I think there’s some weird offset somewhere.

If you open the builder and try to move elements there, does that respond as expected?

Does this work?


I get an access denied error. You’ll want to generate a shareable link, and let whomever has the url read the file.

Please check again, think i got it set right now.

Yes, that works. Thanks!
At a guess, there’s some mismatch in how positioning is handled in our UI and in your tablet’s browser - but only in the X direction. There are a few possible explanations, so I’ll have to look into it in more detail on monday.

If you open the builder editor, and try and move a part there, does that suffer from the same bug?

I just checked, i have different problems in the builder editor. I can click on an element to select it and press e to edit. But afterwards i cannot unselect this item. Als when creating a new item i can select one from the menu but when i click to place it it will not place and keep moving around with the mouse cursor. This is using ipad pro 12” + magic mouse 2. When i use the touch screen to select or place an item it does work.

Additionally the Zzz from a PID at random times moves outside the PID Block and is displayed in the upper left block.

I’m not sure how to reproduce your mouse-related issues: I have neither an iPad nor a magic mouse at hand.

I’m currently tinkering with the positioning offset issues for the dashboard and the builder icons.
We had bugs in the past where all builder icons would be rendered in the far top-left corner, but those had to do with Safari rendering rules for SVG/CSS.

What iOS version is your iPad using?

Im on iOS 14.3, just found out as well that a new dashboard created from the ipad does work. The old one still keeps the issues but the newly created one performs well.

That sounds like there’s some sort of data corruption going on.

Could you please run this command, and post the result URL?

brewblox-ctl http post http://localhost/history/datastore/mget -d '{"namespace":"","filter":"*"}' | nc termbin.com 9999


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I have the same issue here on Safari and Chrome on iPad Pro.

If this is about the grid misbehaving: the next release includes a fix. As a temporary workaround, you can unpin widgets on the dashboards to enable automatic reflow.

I wasn’t able to reproduce the click/drag issues in the builder.