Is my fridge compatible with brewpi

Hi, I have an inverter samsung model rt53k6300 fridge + freezer and I wanted to know if it will work with brew pi, because as I know brewpi system manages compressor work and it doesnt work on the ventilation and defrost, and if I completely bypass the fridge thermostat and computer woudnt it damage the compressor because he is meant to work on 5 different level and not on and off

Adding below cables that connect the fridge to its panel on the door, if someone knows how to connect to them let me know

I have more details if needed thanks alot!

There’s no way to answer your question by looking at a connector. If you can find a schematic of the fridge, we might get a bit further.

My guess is that a modern fridge is probably hard to hack. If it turns on if you plug it in, you might be able to just interrupt the power cord and put it at the lowest setting.