Issue with setting a heater in BrewPi Spark

I am having an issue with my brewpi spark (first spark version). If I set the function of a switch actuator to heating, it will not stay on once the brewpi enters heating mode, instead it will continuously switch on and off. This happens in both non inverted and inverted modes (in non inverted mode it stays off until it enters heating mode then starts the switching, while in inverted mode it stays on until it enters heating mode, then starts switching). This will happen for all the switch actuators and only when they are set to function as the heater. This does not happen when the switches are set to any other function. I have tried updating/ downgrading the firmware, and have updated my software as well but the problem persists. Currently, I am running the most current non-docker brewpi software as well as firmware 0.5.2. Does anyone have any ideas on why this may be happening? or any suggestions to remedy this problem?



It’s meant to do this. It’s called Pulse Width Modulation control or PWM. Have a search through the forum there is lots of info on this.