Laptop with Ubuntu as web server?

Is it possible to use an laptop with Ubuntu as web server for Brewpi?
Or is it preferred to use Raspberry Pi?


Sure, you can use a laptop as the webserver, if your arduino is connected to your laptop. I have a windows box that I’m using for development and testing, so it doesn’t specifically have to be a RPi.

I have ordered the Brewpi Spark. But i reckon thats the same…?

Yep. Initially it will require a USB connection. Later on you’ll be able to use the spark wirelessly.

Curious if you know how far down the road the wireless communication is? I assume it’s not top priority, at the moment.

We are working on getting the system functional first basic level, then we can add these additions. We will probably address this as soon as the new touchscreen UI is complete in 2-3 weeks.

There is a topic on that covers how to get an arduino to connect to the pi over bluetooth if you need wireless comm right away.