Large swings while trying to get constant lager temp [solved]

I have my brewpi set to constant beer temp of 45 to start low on my lager. I’m seeing big swings in temperature of both the beer and fridge. Any settings I should be looking at to change? I’m running the legacy branch.

Why is your beer temperature fluctuating and your fridge temperature isn’t? Have you swapped the sensors?

They were switched from their normal location. I had the sensor that is normally in the thermowell hanging in the chamber and plugged in to the fridge sensor connector. So it was at least wired correctly. I switched them, and it seems to be working now. Not sure why switching the sensor and connector works since they weren’t cross connected?

The sensors are identified based on their unique address, it doesn’t matter where your plug them.

If you want to change their role, you’ll have to change the function in device manager.