Lauterhex with pellet hops?

Has anyone had used their Lauterhex with pellet hops? Curious to see if anyone has any comments. It looks like it is fine enough to me but i could wrap it in a 300 micron SS304 mesh to screen further but maybe that would restrict flow too much…

I tend to use leaf for bittering and T90 for aroma hops but the one time I used all T90 I had no issues. Just remember to give it a good whirlpool and let it settle before you start to drain. An interesting thing i have noted with the LauterHex is that i get more out of the kettle if I don’t use the pump, just let it gravity drain. I assume the suction from the pump pulls the spring closed towards the end of the drain but I’m not positive.

That’s interesting, at the moment i only have a small plate chiller so the pump i have is throttled right back to the point where gravity flow would be just as fast. Do you have any issues creating a whirlpool with the electric element interfering?

My home system is gas at the moment but i’ve just bought the elements to convert this to electric. Our 2.5 BBL system is electric and whirlpools without issue around the elements so i suspect the smaller one should be fine. However I’ll not be converting the home one until the full PWM software has been released otherwise i’ll have no control during the boil.

Good to know, thanks mate.