Lauterhexe becomes congested while boiling

I’m boiling with a 36cm kettle and a 100cm Lauterhexe, laid in a circle. The Tupsflo 17V pump is attached to the Lauterhexe output. While boiling I had a lot of congestions where the pump didn’t draw water anymore. To resolve the congestions, I had to grab and lift the Lauterhexe, so the spiral would slightly open up. I didn’t have any problems while mashing (with a 120cm Lauterhexe).

Has anyone experienced similar problems? And found any solutions? I’m considering to drop the Lauterhexe at least from the boiling and chilling circulatory, but I’m not sure how the pump will cope with that.


I recently pinched my whirlpool inlet flat, which helps to create a much better whirlpool. This helps to gather the solids in the middle of the kettle and prevents clogging.

I pinched it to an outer diameter of 5mm.

Thanks, that’s a great hint. From the picture, it looks like the inlet is directed slightly upwards? Could it make sense to direct it slightly downwards onto the Lauterhexe, in order to have the stream “blow away” the fine particles from the Lauterhexe?

Also, can you recommend any substance which could be used for testing whether the system works? I’m having in mind something like fine sand.

And in case anything still goes wrong during the boil, do you think the Tupsflo pump can handle the unfiltered liquid or would I risk to clog the pump itself and possibly even damage it?

It is pointed up by accident. I have an earlier prototype in my kettle and I thought that maybe pointing it upwards a bit would bring it closer to the wall which would be better. It was not.

I don’t think sand would be a good idea. I would go for something a bit softer to test. Maybe just a few hop pellets and water.

The newer 24V Topsflo pumps have a much improved design with more room in the pump head. If you have the newer version, they can handle a lot more than the older version. The pump head also screws off a lot easier and all the rotating parts can be taken off for cleaning. I think they would be fine with fine protein matter, but whole hops will be a problem.

If you get a stuck whirlpool, it helps to put a big sturdy spoon between lauterhexe and kettle and twist it. One you have the whirlpool going again, it can maintain the flow.