LCD display only show solid blocks on row 1 and 3

Got an keystone UNO and a lcd display with serial adapter.
LCD is connected to SDA and SCL and ofc 5v and ground. The display only shows line 1 and 3 as solid and nothing else no matter what i do.
Where/how do i start troubleshooting?

3 issues here:

  • The Arduino version is no longer supported
  • BrewPi never used I2C (SCL and SDA) for the display, so an official version that supported your display has never existed
  • If you are sure the display it connected correctly and your software is driving it correctly, It might be that just just have not set the contrast for your display correctly, which is usually done with a potmeter driving the analog contrast input.

I hoped it would mirror the lcd on website so i could see the temp on fridge while i was around without checking pc/phone.

Well, i guess i have to stick with the phone checking then :wink:

It may be that you have an incorrect serial address for the display. Reference this link: