Limits on BrewPi Expansion?

Since I don’t actually own a BrewPi yet, this may sound silly. Sorry in advance.

I’ve designed a mechanically automated system that has 14 mechanically controlled valves, 2 heating elements and 2 pumps (controlled by SSRs), and 8 temperature probes. Can a single BrewPi Spark 3 handle this?

I know that the valve and SSR expansion boards will allow me to expand what the BrewPi can control. Am I correct in assuming that for my setup configuration (above), I would use the 5 RJ12 connection ports in conjunction with the expansion boards, and the actuator controls for my SSRs?

Can the expansion boards be daisy-chained together?

Is my maximum valve control limited to 10 valves per BrewPi (excluding the actuators)?

Otherwise, it would seem that I have 18 devices to control, but only 15 ports to manage them with. Please set me straight.

I want to eventually add a fermentation chamber (hacked fridge) to the mix as well and would love to know if I have the ability to expand.

Thanks in advance!

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check out this forum - might answer your questions, since we have a similar setup, sounds like :slight_smile:

My own brewery will have 16 valves (pneumatic though). I control small solenoid air valves to toggle the bigger butterfly valves. I still have to design this board to drive these 16 24v outputs. Perhaps it makes sense to make the outputs bidirectional, so they work for motor valves too.

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