Loading the portainer web interface


Hi Elco
I guess both containers one at a time, must be recreated and pull the latest image enabled?
BR Ken


Don’t recreate portainer, just BrewPi


Hi Elco,
Everything works :slight_smile: Container successfully recreated. I was not aware of the portainer should not be recreated.

Cheers Ken


That’s why I explained that 5 messages ago :wink:


Maybe we should revise/include the recreation of containers on wiki.brewpi.com. Setting up devices also makes troubles for some in our community, is this described somewhere?. Who is allowed to revise wiki.brewpi?
BR Ken


Anyone can submit changes. They do have to be approved before they are public though.


Hi Elco,
Today I needed to deploy the portainer docker image, since the image was no longer running on raspberry PI for some reason (the image might just have stopped running). However after executing the deploy command from puTTY, the docker web interface http://raspberrypi:local:9000 did not start in the web browser, even though Brewpi is running just fine, and the connection to Brewpi Spark also worked fine.

Do you know what I did wrong?
BR Ken


And if you use a dot instead of a colon?

Check that the portainer container is running with docker ps


docker ps gives
saying that the docker is running?
I used the web address http://raspberrypi.local:9000/