Logic Block and Measured Temperature

The Logic Block seems to be a great tool.
I can see lots of uses for it given some time to sort out the rest of the service.

Oddly enough, first thing I set out to use it for was to implement a minimum temp in my freezer.
(If fridge >= -8*F, true)
This does not work as I expected.
It seems the measured value of a compared PWM is actually the “duty achieved” not the temp sensor further up its control chain.
This makes sense, it’s just that upon not finding a temp sensor as an option to select for comparison, I turned to the guide and found this under Logic Actuator:

  • B is the Comparison for the PWM . It has a red indicator. Its measured value is below 25 °C, resulting in a false .

I think if you changed “°C” to “%” in the guide, it would read appropriately.

Furthermore, also in that section, an example given for a comparison is:

beer temperature >= 20

I just found that temp sensor can be compared from a setting block!

PWM indeed has a measured / achieved value in %. I’ll fix the typo in the docs.
We already do some formatting on temp values in comparisons. Probably a good idea to add a ‘%’ to the PWM comparisons for completeness.

The “I want to compare temp/setting/actuator state, what comparison do I need?” also seems worthy of a paragraph.