Looking for detailed resources on Control Panel build

I’ve been over the various pages on the website and many of the message boards, and I’m hoping for a little more detailed support on building and setting up a control panel for brewing and fermentation.

My brewing setup consists of a dual vessel K-RIMS setup for 10 gal batches, where I mash in an insulated cooler and recirculate through a kettle (currently propane, but I am in the process of converting to electric). For 5 gal batches, I will just use the electric kettle and pump and do EBIAB. I have a single fermentation fridge currently controlled by an inkbird plug-in controller.

I’m assuming that a single RPi and Spark 3 can be used to control the following:
1 5500W heating element (240v)
1 pump (120v)
1 refrigerator compressor
1 fermentation heater (lightbulb in fridge)
4 temperature sensors

I am OK with software, but have basically no skills with circuitry, though I do have an engineer friend who can help me make sure everything is safe and done properly. Can someone please help me out with a parts list for this control panel build? Also, I’d like to not have a bunch of physical switches on the exterior of the box. I would prefer to control the brewing processes from a laptop/tablet/iphone.

Hi, did you ever find the information that you were looking for? I am new to BrewPi and am also wondering if there is any resource on how to set up BrewPi and control a heating element/pump for eBIAB on the hardware side.


  1. “I’m assuming that a single RPi and Spark 3 can be used to control the following:” Is this assumption correct?
  2. My understanding is the reason a control panel is necessary is because we want to control the element and pump simultaneously. Otherwise if we only wanted to control the element then we don’t need a control panel?
  3. The physical switches on the control panel would not be necessary because both the pump and the element can be controlled by BrewPi?
  4. Is there any DIY guide similar to the fridge guide on the main website that I can follow? hardware, steps, etc… If not then what is the best way to learn all these things?

Thanks in advance for all your help.

Yes, it is.

The Spark handles simultaneous control of electrical elements. A control panel mostly provides a convenient place to put all your wiring, and provide power sockets for your elements.

Correct. Some people do like having one or more physical breakers that cut all power to elements regardless of software control.

A hardware selection guide is currently in review. Further documentation will be coming soon, but be aware that control panel wiring for a brewery is neither safe nor trivial. It’s best to consult with a professional before embarking on a DIY journey involving electrical elements.

Thanks for your reply. I will keep an eye out for the documentation.

Here is the schematic using the hardware available at the time for Gas heat. It is 100% working.Brew layout-Final.pdf (765.0 KB)