Loose usb connector spark v2

The photon particle inside the brewpi v2 has a usb connector which is used for power and data. However, the connector is quite weak and has failed on mine. Only if i apply pressure to the usb connector will power be supplied. Any easy way to fix this? I am technically interested but not gifted/experienced.

Alternatively, I could buy a new particle (24€) but would rather spend the money on other stuff I don’t need.


One of mine broke. the plastic core of the mini-usb connector broke clean off. If yours is loose, you might want to consider some sort of cable strain-relief before it breaks completely.

I haven’t taken the time to locate the proper USB connector or specs to see if I could even remove and re-solder a new connector without causing problems to the nearby components. If you don’t have the soldering experience or equipment, buying a new photon is probably much cheaper and quicker.

if it is just loose, carefully bending back the outer shell to squeeze the plug a bit more can make it better.
If the connector is broken, they are hard to solder. A new photon is definitely the easier fix.

The weak USB connector on the photon is one of the reasons I opted for a P1 module on the Spark 3 so I could pick a sturdier connector myself.

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The receptacle has a few pins on the back which connect to the board. These are not connecting without adding pressure to the receptacle. I could try and bend it but it will put pressure on the board.

Maybe nothing to lose…

if the solder pins on the back are not connecting properly, that could be fixed with some soldering.
But in most cases the bad connection is inside the connector, where it makes contact with the cable.

Make sure the 2 pins that hold the connector to the board are soldered first.

Thanks. Nieuwe photon onderweg. €19.97, not bad!

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