Lost all data on Brewblox (Spark 3)

Hello :slight_smile:

Today while trying to do a cold crash on my amazing APA, all my data from brewblox was gone. I have rebooted without success on recovering my data. Now it just shows a weird setup

Weird setup how? What changed?

This one I am posting, just 2/3 of a HERMS. Nothing changed. This morning everything was alright and then in the afternoon I just went to check everything to begin the cold crash and everything was gone execpt this 2/3 of my herms setup

Could you please run these commands, and post the result urls?

brewblox-ctl log
brewblox-ctl http post http://localhost/history/datastore/mget -d '{"namespace":"brewblox-ui-store:layouts"}' | nc termbin.com 9999

Here you go: https://termbin.com/qkru

Apparently I guess I was hacked:

That is an uncommonly polite hacker. If you set up any port forwarding or wifi network shares, I recommend you close them down.

If you want to access brewblox remotely, we wrote a guide on doing so safely: Remote access | Brewblox

Yeah, I just closed them down and will set up the VPN as soon as possible. And from now on I will also schedule a backup of my configurations to not loose anything anymore. However is there still a way to recover my data (or some (configuration, fermentation data…)?

It depends on whether the hacker only used the web UI, or also the backend.

History data is likely to be unaffected if he only used the UI. Dashboard settings could also possibly be recovered, but block settings don’t have a rollback.

If he had access to the backend, and removed and reinstalled your files, there’s little we can do.

I guessed he only used the frontend as the backend was not exposed.

First, check whether your blocks are still there. What does the relations diagram on the spark service page tell you?

History data will always still be there. Otherwise it depends on whether blocks were reset, or just the builder layout.

If blocks were removed, if you used a setup close to standard, you can run the wizard again to rebuild it and tweak as needed.

All the blocks are gone. Just the HERMS was not the standard but not so far away from standar, the tricky part is just figure out which sensors are which.

I am more worried about the historical data, I guess everything is still on db right? Can you guide me in order to recover it (especially the fermentation temperatures)

History data will still be there under its own name. To verify, you can make a graph widget, and show old field names.

If you recreate your setup using the same block names, the graphs will show both old and new data.