Lost wifi, can't seem to connect

So I have a Spark connected to a RPi. The Pi has a Edimax wifi dongle. Everything has been working fine since the initial setup over a year ago. But now the blue light is not on on the Edimax dongle. I purchased a new one and that one does not work as well, no blue light. So I’m not sure where to go from here? I’m really lost with this kind of stuff, suggestions?

Also I have unplugged the edimax and tried other ports. The Spark comes on so I know the ports get power.

This is a good guide for setting up WiFi:

You’ll have to temporarily plugin a monitor (or TV) and a keyboard.

If you can reserve an IP based on MAC address on your router, then that will be preferred over setting a static IP on the pi.

Thanks for the link Elco! I will look into it as soon as I have some time.

So after a bunch of troubleshooting I thought that my RaspPi had taken a crap. I ordered a new one (RaspPi 3) but then I had issues with the SD card. So I bought a new SD card, downloaded NOOBS onto it and got the New RaspPi 3 up and running. But now I cant seem to get the wifi working on this one. I enter my wifi password and nothing. So its back to doing some trouble shooting, I’m really not good at this tech stuff.