Making Electric Homebrew Setup using Spark3

Hi all,
I would like to buy SPARK3 and to use it as a controller for the setup I am building at the moment. The setup is intended for brewing between 40 and 50 liters. The general problem for me is to understand (probably due to the lack of information, or its just that I am not able to find it) how do you use Spark 3 for mashing. My questions are following:

  1. Is it the same web interface like for fermentation control?
  2. How is the process abstracted, or in other words how does the interface knows which valves should be opened and when. Do you have steps (or actions) and for every step the associated actuators are used?
  3. Is it possible to manually trigger different phases, for example, set some temperature, press a button (not a physical button but on the GUI) and the system will rise the temperature of the mash to the given value and stay there until I press another button which will start with another brewing step (next temp. rest or mashout or sparge, whatever)?
  4. Can I have 3 pumps and turn the 3 vessel system into a pipeline, so that I can start with a new batch as soon as the sparge of the previous is finished?

I am also willing to take part in developing some of the parts for such a system, because I think it will be quite interesting for other people also.