Mashing with Spark 3 - slow response to temp drops

I’ve recently received my new Spark 3 and am now running it on my PC for mashing purposes using the Brewpi interface. I’m using the settings that Elco recommends for HLT mashing setups. Problem is that the temperature of my mash tun drops by 2 degrees C and more before the HLT is turned on. What adjustments can I make to correct this behaviour? There is no overshoot, thankfully.

Are you using BrewBlox or BrewPi?
Did you run the HERMS quick start wizard in BrewBlox?

If you are not using BrewBlox, but the old BrewPi interface, I really suggest switching. BrewBlox has true mashing support, unlike BrewPi.

Thanks Elco. I’m using Brewpi - been waiting for the arrival of my new Rasp Pi before switching to Brewblox. Having said that, I’m running legacy Brewpi with Arduino controllers on a PC (loading Debian with a flash drive) to manage fermentation, so I suppose I can create a dedicated flash drive for my Brewblox setup to run on my laptop. Can you foresee any problems with that?

Forgot to ask : should I use Wheezy or Jessie?

Brewblox supports running services on a desktop/laptop. You can follow the normal install instructions, and it will automatically detect the platform.

As to distro: go with the most recent Debian (Buster). Ubuntu is also supported.

Thanks Bob. So I’ve run

docker run -it --rm -v $(pwd):/output/ brewblox/brewblox-setup

but it gives me the following error:

C:\Program Files\Docker\Docker\Resources\bin\docker.exe: invalid reference format.

Any ideas? I’m running docker on Windows 10.

I may have been too broad: we support desktop computers, but only linux-based operating systems - not windows or mac.

Installation is not done in the brewblox-setup docker container, but with the brewblox-ctl commandline application.

Instructions can be found in

Gotcha, thanks. Back to running Debian from a flash drive until I get my RPi!