Measure SG with pressure sensor

Howdy folks,
Do you have any good news re use of pressure sensor(s) for measurement of SG?
Looking forward…

Work is progressing steadily, and we’re currently testing the sensor in preparation of making it production-ready.

The hardware implementation will be to use the new Spark board together with a PT-100 connector module.

We’ll announce the new Spark board soon.

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Sound very good. Will this be a differntial pressure sensor?

Yes. There are two vertically offset pressure sensors. Taking very accurate pressure readings from both sensors lets us calculate pressure differential for a known volume, and use that to calculate density.

I’m looking forward to this.

How does the volume enter the equation? I am thinking

delta P = ro g delta h. What am I missing here?

I assume it will work in the boil. Can it work in 100 deg C?

Du you have an ETA?

You didn’t miss anything, I used the wrong term.

Boiling will make sensor readouts noisier, but measuring SG requires the kind of accuracy that detects droplets falling into a 100L kettle. Useful values for evaporation during the boil are much more tolerant.

I can’t give an ETA with any kind of confidence.

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