"Medium" brewery setup - help needed!

Hi everyone!

I was wondering if anyone has experience with the kind of brewery I am trying to build. I could really use some advice and help.
This is how I planned my setup:

I have a 1150L fermenter with cooling jacket. Because I need both cooling and heating ( summer - winter) I planned on using a chiller and a heating coil in a vessel filled with water / water+glycol . In the same vessel I have a coil that is connected via a pump to the fermenters jacket. The pump would be always on.
Is this solution ok or should I do it in another way? Any advice?

Also, where should I place which sensor? My plan was to have both the “beer” and “fridge” sensors in the fermenter thermowell, that means in the actual beer. Then I would run the BrewPi in fridge constant mode.

What about PID settings? Any advice on what values I should start with? I don’t know if I can tune it with CHR or Ziegler Nichols, as the temperature sinks veeeery slowly.

Any advice or sugestion is welcomed!


I would do this differently:

  • Have a cool reservoir
  • Have a warm reservoir
  • Have a tee and two one-way valves (check valves)
  • Control two pumps that each can pump warm/cool water through the jacket

You’ll only need a beer sensor in the fermenter thermowell. In absence of a fridge sensor, the beer sensor will be used as fridge temp as well. Set your beer-to-fridge PID to all zeros so fridge setpoint matches beer setpoint.

The PID settings is a bit of trial and error. My small scale setup with glycol at home is very quick to cool. You’ll want a large glycol reservoir though to have some buffer. And you definitely want to use a liquid cooler/ beer line cooler /glycol chiller and not a fridge or freezer.

Thanks for your quick reply!

And what temperatures would you suggest to have in those tanks?

If you want to do cold crashing, your coolant should be around 2 degrees, maybe even lower.
For heating, I’m guessing 30 degrees? I don’t use warm water for heating.

Because both liquids will share the same jacket, they will mix. So you’ll have to have the same liquid in both.
Probably water with a bit of glycol to prevent freezing in the cool side of things.