Merry christmas!

Merry christmas to @Elco, @Bob_Steers and rest of the Brewblox community!

Thank you guys for the great job you are doing, both developing and support!

Cheers from Norway!


Merry christmas, and a happy new year to you too! :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree:


Merry Christmas and a fantastic 2021 to you and all the others!

That setup is stunning :star_struck:. The lighting makes it extra sexy. Very well done!


Looks really awesome :+1: Nice with all the stainless tubes and butterfly valves. SS Brewtech mash tun is also awesome equipment.

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Apparently you guys start drinking at 1500. I like it.

Those pipes and pumps setup is fantastic - looks very professional. Would you mind sharing a little how what and where? skål!

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Hi @r_vandenbroek!

Thank you!

Where to begin😝

Here is the flow chart:

Valves are motorized valves cr501 connected to valve exp. board(from brewpi). So far it works very well(using cat5 cable). Even if you need to have some junction boxes under the table connected together, I like the simpleness of onewire. (And I don’t have to extend the length of cables on valves or temp probes) It makes the control panel clean.

Pumps are topsflo td5. HLT resirc pump is not pwm model, just regular on/off.

Heathing elements are 5,5kw 3 phase.


Control panel (32a 3 phase in to the panel):

Jusk ask if you have any question and I will do my best answering😃

More picture:



Wow, thanks for that answer, I’ll study it. Where did you get all your triclamp stuff?

All tri clamps parts are standard lenghts and size from aliexpress. It have been a puzzle to make everything fit :sweat_smile::beer:

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